Art block by MKC Photography featuring a moonlit lake and the words, if you were the stars and I was the sea, together we'd have everything, thee and me. Find it at The Handmade Showroom,
Featured image above: Thee and Me by MKC Photography
A lovely way to celebrate Mother's Day and every day - decorative art blocks by MKC Photography at The Handmade Showroom!Hummingbird, Ladybug, and Robin Art Blocks by MKC Photography at The Handmade Showroom Seattle WA

Above clockwise from top: Ladybug, Robin, Hummingbird Art Blocks by MKC Photography

Each 5" x 5" x 3/4" square art block is created using salvaged wood, reclaimed library book pages, original photography, and digital collage techniques. These stunning works of art transport you to ethereal new worlds with enchanting scenery.


Art Block - Lavender Butterfly by MKC Photography

Above: Lavender Butterfly art block by MKC Photography

Handmade by Michelle from her archival art prints, reclaimed wood, and vintage book paper, she seals each block with multiple layers of non-toxic matte varnish and signs them on the reverse. All blocks come with a keyhole opening in the back for ease of hanging. The 3/4 inch thickness allows the block to stand on its own on a shelf for even more display versatility!


Art Block - Celestial Garden by MKC Photography

Above: Celestial Garden art block by MKC Photography

What wonders await beyond the horizon? Each art block holds new worlds to be explored, new places to see, and sometimes a bit of nostalgia. 

Art Block - Red Balloon by MKC Photography

Above: Red Balloon by MKC Photography

Speaking of nostalgia, this piece is a staff favorite. Anyone remember the 1956 film, The Red Balloon by Albert Lamorisse? 🎈😭

Art Block - Gather the Stars by MKC Photography
Above: Gather the Stars by MKC Photography
We can't wait to share the entire collection with you!


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April 24, 2022 — The Handmade Showroom
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