Art Block - Red Balloon by MKC Photography


In the foreground, a perfectly round red balloon floats above a flat grassy ground, with its string trailing. In the right background of the block, a series of colorful row houses emerge from behind a full tree. Green, purple, plum, brown. Next to the green building, there is a group of pastel balloons. One can presume the big red balloon escaped from this bunch. The red balloon contrasts against soft white clouds that waft halfway up the scene; above the clouds is a clear blue sky.

The block edges and backside are covered with vintage book pages, and the block is sealed with multiple layers of non-toxic matte varnish and signed on the reverse. It has a keyhole opening in the back for ease of hanging.
  • Measures 5in x 5in x 1/2in
  • Materials: Reclaimed wood, repurposed book pages, printed image, sealed matte finish
  • Display standing or on a wall
  • Oval cutout on back for hanging
  • Block sides and back will vary from photos

MKC Photography
Philadelphia, PA

Photos by MKC Photography and The Handmade Showroom

MKC112 $40 - Red Balloon Art Block - 5x5

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