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Glass Elements by Marja Huhta (Dublin, Ireland)

Full of color, depth, and sparkle, these hand-formed fused glass necklaces and earrings hold a wealth of creativity and knowledge within the layers of glass.

About the Artist

Marja Huhta (pronounced: Mah-dee-ya) earned a PhD in Chemistry and worked as a scientist for years, but her love of kiln-formed glass led her down a more creative path.

She founded Glass Elements in 2008 while living in Seattle, WA and sold her modern and colorful jewelry and art around the world.

Marja joined the EtsyRain leadership team where she worked with the founders of The Handmade Showroom to build a creative community in the Seattle area.

She also shared her love of glass art by serving as a studio coordinator and instructor at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle for several years.

In 2019, Marja moved to Dublin with her family. She continues her personal projects and exploring new techniques in glass as well as teaching new students to the world of fused glass at Glint Glass Studio and other local studios.

This surprise collection is such a treat for us to showcase at The Handmade Showroom! We look forward to sharing her work with you!

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