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MKC Photography by Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes (Philadelphia, PA)

Step into the fanciful world of artist Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes where she combines her original photography along with digital collage to create lovely accents for the home.

About the Artist

Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes is the award-winning artist, creator, and story-teller behind mkc photography. Until the age of ten, Michelle was certain the secret passage into Narnia truly existed and if she just rifled through enough closets and cupboards, she would find it.

She graduated from the University of Oxford, where she would read in the same gardens that inspired C.S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll’s imaginations, and her whimsical, witty, & joyful {with just a hint of quirky} artwork is still influenced by this idea of magical worlds that mingle with our own. She’s a former librarian (hence, all those salvaged books) and she creates every pieceof artwork featured on her handmade wares.

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