Plush - Carrot Plushies Bunch 2 (Assorted Expressions) by Tiny Tus


Carrot pals to bring you smiles! Choose your favorite set!

  • Approximately Dimensions:
    • Small - 6in x 3in x 2in 
    • Medium - 10in x 3in x 2in
    • Large - 12in x 3in x 2in
  • Materials: Fleece, Beads
  • Assorted embroidered facial expressions
  • Carrots come in sets of 3
Tiny Tus
Belmont, Michigan

TTS102E $24 - Carrot Plushies (Big Smile, Heart Eyes, Meh.)
TTS102G $24 - Carrot Plushies (Sad Face, Heart Eyes, Pirate)
TTS102H $24 - Carrot Plushies (Cute Smile, Mouthful, Smile)
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