Plushie - Emmett the Bison by Janie XY


Emmett the Bison lives with this family in beautiful Wyoming. When he was younger, he was often left behind in the herd while he was staring out into the beautiful landscapes. His parents found a vintage Canon SLR camera at a thrift store while migrating one year and gave it to him on his fourth birthday. Ever since then, he can't find enough film to keep up with his new found photography passion--don't ever mention digital cameras to him unless you have at least five hours to spare to listen to the disintegration of photography thanks to "robots". He's always on the lookout for humans during his travels and loves photographing his crazy Uncle Billy who's always getting his hooves stuck in the wrong places.

Measures approximately 11in L x 6in H
All toys are handmade, so please expect slight variations in the details

Janie XY
Los Angeles, CA

Photos and story courtesy of the artist

JX103 $35 - Bison Plushie
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