Image shows a variety of brightly colored pillows made to look like fruit, t-shirts with character designs, a mushroom-shaped pillow all available at The Handmade Showroom


The Handmade Showroom currently accepts applications from professional and emerging independent artists who live and work in the United States for possible representation in our storefront at Seattle's premier shopping destination, Pacific Place in the heart of Downtown Seattle. 

While we maintain a majority of Pacific NW-based artists in the Showroom, we are now accepting work from small-batch, independent handmade lines that are made anywhere in the US and have little to no representation in the Seattle, WA area.

This expanded scope will allow us to introduce new artists to the Seattle market and further our overall mission to elevate and showcase the best in Handmade from the Pacific NW and beyond!


Our mission is to #supportartists and #elevatehandmade - meaning to elevate the perception of quality Handmade products in the marketplace by showcasing works of original design from professional and emerging artists and designers who create with the highest standards of quality.

If that describes your business, we’d love to see what you make!

Image shows the brightly lit storefront of The Handmade Showroom located in Seattle, WA


  • The Handmade Showroom is a contemporary gift boutique open daily on the 3rd floor of Pacific Place Shopping Center in Downtown Seattle.

  • We tend to lean toward products that are modern/contemporary in design but are always open to seeing work of any style.

  • Artists must have a current business license valid in their municipality - no exceptions.

  • There are NO rental fees, membership dues, or any other financial requirement to participate.

  • Artists do NOT need to be present, and volunteering to help during our events is completely optional.

  • While we have a primary focus on items handmade directly by the handmade-by-the-artist / designer, we are also open to applications from small-batch USA-manufactured goods with the requirement that all designs are original and copyrighted by the artist/applicant. 

  • Submissions are curated based on design originality, overall quality, brand professionalism, wholesale to retail margin, category availability, and overall fit in our collection. 

  • All applications are thoroughly reviewed and carefully considered for participation.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high number of submissions we receive, we can only contact artists who are the best fit for our collection at any given time.

  • Collections that are not accepted immediately are kept on file for future consideration unless notified otherwise. (In other words, if we don't contact you right away, consider that a good thing!)

  • Note for 2D artists: Our available wall space is currently *very* limited with a wait list for consideration for gallery shows. If you have a gift line for us to consider, please be sure to include that information in your application.

  • We regularly evaluate all of our product offerings based on customer feedback and update our collections often to keep our product offerings fresh each season.

  • We are currently purchasing the majority of our inventory at wholesale with a few artists on a 50/50 consignment agreement contract signed between The Handmade Showroom LLC and the Artist. If you'd like more information on working with us on consignment, feel free to contact us.


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