Plush - Small D20 in Assorted Pinks and Reds by Saving Throw Pillows


Get a critical hit with one of these soft plush D20s in an assortment of pink and red fabrics. Whether you're a huge D&D fan, play other tabletop games, or just love polyhedra, this is the perfect plush for you!


  • Materials: Assorted fabrics (ultrasuede, cotton canvas, velvet, viny, or leather), polyfill stuffing, embroidery thread
  • Measurements: Approximately 5in diameter
  • Small squishable 20-sided die plushie with embroidered numbers
  • Assorted colors ranging from pink to red
  • Variant photo shows the exact item you will receive


Saving Throw Pillows
Ann Arbor, MI


Images by The Handmade Showroom


STP702A $42 - Red Vinyl and Leopard Velvet Outer with Black Numbers Small D20 Plush
STP702B $42 - Pink Canvas Outer with White Numbers Small D20 Plush

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