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Plush - Lion in Red-Blue Shirt by Fly Little Bird


This lion in a red-blue shirt and orange polka dot pants was getting ready for the next circus performance when a very quiet sound caught his attention. Lion wandered away from the circus tent and soon found a bird making the quiet, sad chirp. Birdie was lost and too afraid to fly. Lion told Birdie the little satchel on their side would be the perfect place for Birdie to feel safe to go on wonderful adventures. Together they would learn how to be brave!

This fantastic one of a kind stuffed lion is made with repurposed and recycled materials and organic stuffing.  It comes with its own little handsewn felt satchel and tiny felt Birdie to take on great adventures!


  • Head - repurposed cashmere
  • Body - 100% cotton oxford shirts
  • Stuffing -  organic kapok
  • Birdie & Satchel -  100% recycled plastic bottle felt

Additional Details:

  • Lion measures 16 in tall (mane to toe), 12 in wide (arms spread) and 3 in deep (nose to back of head)
  • Bird measures 2 in long, 1-1/2 tall, 1 in wide
  • Photos show the exact item you will receive
Fly Little Bird
Chicago, IL

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

FLB06B $78 - Lion in Red-Blue Shirt Plush


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