Cat Loaf - Feathery Brown with Blue Eyes by Careful It Bites


This large Cat Loaf has soft and feathery striped fur - making it a wonderful gift for children or adults!  The huge and huggable Cat Loaf wishes only to be your loving companion on the couch or at the office. 


  • Measures approximately 11 in H x 14 in L (25 inches with its fluffy tail)
  • Garment-grade faux fur makes it fabulously fluffy
  • Locking safety eyes and nose*
  • Color may vary from your screen
  • Variation photo shows the exact item you will receive

*Safety eyes and noses are made to be extremely difficult for anyone to remove, but like all other toys with small parts, please use your judgment when purchasing this for a child under 3 years of age. 

Washing instructions: with these furry creatures, handwashing is best. Absolutely no dryer! Heat will actually melt the faux fur fabric into a perm-like state.

Careful it Bites
Seattle, WA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

CIBL111A $88 - Blue Eyed Feather Brown Cat Loaf - A
CIBL111B $88 - Blue Eyed Feather Brown Cat Loaf - B

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