Introducing: All-new Featured Artist Showcase - Christine Stoll

Introducing a new event series for The Handmade Showroom: Featured Artist Showcase - a periodically rotating online art show of select items made exclusively for The Handmade Showroom by some of our over 130 artists.

Our first featured artist is Christine Stoll of Christine Stoll Studio with her latest collage series, "Yesterdaze" - a one-of-a-kind collection of hand-curated and crafted shadowbox collage art pieces filled with memories of days past made exclusively for The Handmade Showroom!

Artist Statement

The series was born out of my obsession with old photographs. I wanted to create little stories inside the boxes, so I went to my bins filled with tiny things I've collected over the years...some vintage, others fresh in their make little vignettes.

My favorite aspect of making them is the random phrases I find in old books. I have a few old books that I really enjoy using (and have semi-memorized the stories so I know where to find phrases) including a 1948 novel "Roommates" by Laura Cooper Rendina and a book that my dog chewed on "Hardboiled and Hard Luck" by Banana Yoshimoto (1999).

About the Artist: Christine Stoll

It all started after Christine's Grandma Kathy passed away in 2005 and bequeathed her amazing collection of beads, buttons, broken costume jewelry, and jewelry-making tools. Before her grandma passed, she said she was coming back as robin in her afterlife. You will find robins and other birds in many of Christine's creations. Her collage art and jewelry pieces incorporate her love of vintage with a mix of modern – inspired by Grandma Kathy.


Shop the "Yesterdaze" collection HERE

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