Pouch - Double Straws Carrying Pouch (Assorted Colors) by DrinkingStraws.Glass


A secure carrying case for your reusable straw, in one of several bright and cheery colors!
These handmade sleeves are made of organic cotton fabric and natural cotton batting, and are double-padded for absorbency and extra protection.
They carry two standard or smoothie size glass straws, or one of each to make sure you're ready for any drink!

Seattle, WA

Photos courtesy of DrinkingStraws.Glass

DR401 $18 - Double Straw Sleeve - Black
DR402 $18 - Double Straw Sleeve - Blue
DR403 $18 - Double Straw Sleeve - Lavender
DR404 $18 - Double Straw Sleeve - Orange
DR405 $18 - Double Straw Sleeve - Red
DR406 $18 - Double Straw Sleeve - Teal
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