Sticky Notes - Assorted Styles by Ilee Papergoods


600 pages of blank sticky notes, offset printed.
Cube measures 3x3x3 inches
  • Deer - Forest printed on 4 sides, deer image on each page
  • Thank You Gnome Parade - Gradient green on 4 sides, each page has image of parading gnomes holding a flag "thank you" 
  • Triangles - 4 different color schemes triangles are printed on 4 sides
  • Whales - Aqua waves on 4 sides, whales image on each page

Ilee Papergoods
Seattle, WA

Photos by Ilee Papergoods

ILSNCD $14 - Deer Sticky Notes
ILSNCG $14 - Thank You Gnomes Sticky Notes
ILSNCT $14 - Triangle Sticky Notes
ILSNCW $14 - Whales Sticky Notes by iLee
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