Snap Clip - Star Baby Hair Clips (Assorted Colors) by XV Studios


Star Baby snap clips are available in a variety of star-and-bead color combinations. 

Select the variation that shows the color combo you want.
  • Snap-clip inside length 1 1/2in
  • Overall measurements 2 3/8in L x 3/4in W

XV Studios
Seattle, WA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

XVH101 $25 - Light Blue Star White Beads Snap Clip
XVH102 $25 - Red Star Blue Beads Snap Clip
XVH103 $25 - Orange Star Yellow Beads Snap Clip
XVH104 $25 - Black Star Blue Beads Snap Clip
XVH105 $25 - White Star Red Beads Snap Clip
XVH106 $25 - Dark Blue Star Orange Beads Snap Clip
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