Doots - Carrots (Assorted) by Snooter-doots


Take home your new carrot friend created by Mama Snooter of Snooter-doots! Hand-knit to about 3x its finished size, Mama puts the 100% wool form into a hot soapy washer to shrink and "felt" the knit fabric down to just the right size then stuffs it firmly with new fiberfill. Final details and signature 'Doot eyes are added by needle felting, and a Snooter-doot is born!

Current Doots:

  • Carol Carrot: Born on 10/28, likes to sing old showtunes



  • Materials: Wool, fiberfill
  • Measurements: Approximately 6W x 6in D x 22in L (including greens)
  • Carrots have bright orange bodies with a tuft of long ropy greens and the signature Snooter-doots wonky eyes
  • Knit by hand and then shrunk and felted to create a dense, sturdy fabric
  • Sturdy and huggable
  • Each Doot comes with its own name, birthday, and hobby
  • Variant photo shows the exact friend you will receive
  • Super whimsical and fun!


Ocean Shores, WA


Images by The Handmade Showroom


SD144A $68 - Carol (Sings Showtunes) Carrot Doot
SD144A $68 - Carrol (Walks on Beach) Carrot Doot

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