Plushie - Cleo the Hippo by Janie XY


Cleo the Hippo has studied medicine from all corners of the world. You can ask her about anything from acupuncture to the modern wonders of the Da Vinci surgical system, which is a certified expert in. When asked which methods she prefers, she doesn't have an answer because the beauty about medicine and our brains is that they're always evolving and she feels sticking to only one practice would only limit her. Many said she could never mix modern and ancient medicines in her practice, but then again, many also said hippos don't make good surgeons and she proved them all wrong.

Measures approximately: 6 1/2in x 8 1/2in
All toys are handmade, so please expect slight variations in the details.

Janie XY
Los Angeles, CA

Photos and story courtesy of the artist

JX101 $35 - Hippo Plushie
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