Mending Transfers - Set of 4 - by Wren Bird Arts


These DIY adhesive backed Mending Transfer kits offer 4 different mending designs. Use these fun patterns to mend holes in your clothing while adding a fun new design element!

Each kit contains full instructions and one each of four different patterns.  Each transfer measures 4in x 5in.

Blue Kit includes stars and circles.
Red Kit includes stars, arches, lines, and a sun burst.
Yellow Kit includes flowers, squiggles, chevrons and sqaures.
Green Kit includes waves, triangles, and squares.

Wren Bird Arts
Bellingham, WA

WB501 $12 - Blue Kit Mending Transfers
WB502 $12 - Red Kit Mending Transfers
WB503 $12 - Yellow Kit Mending Transfers
WB504 $12 - Green Kit Mending Transfers

Photos courtesy Wren Bird Arts
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