Kids Tee - Sasquatch Balloons by Orange Twist


Featuring the unofficial mascot of the Pacific Northwest, this 100% organic cotton shirt is printed by hand in Seattle with water-based ink. Sasquatch makes an appearance with balloons--he's not one to show up empty handed!

Approximate measurements in inches (youth sizing):

  Neck Shoulder Chest Back length
Small 6 3/4in W 10in W 12in W 16in L
Medium 7in W 10 1/4in W 12 1/2in W 16 1/2in L
Large 7in W 11in W 14in W 18in L

Photos by The Handmade Showroom and courtesy Orange Twist

Orange Twist
Seattle, WA

OTK1002 $34 - Small Sasquatch Kids Tee
OTK1004 $34 - Medium Sasquatch Kids Tee
OTK1006 $34 - Large Sasquatch Kids Tee

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