Honey - 5 oz - Sparkle Honey in Rosé Pink (Limited Edition) by The Enchanted Hive


Shimmering and sweet, this rosé version of Sparkle & Honey will add a magical touch of swirling soft pink to your tea, cocktails, or desserts!


  • Materials: Organic wildflower honey, food-grade mica pearlescent, iron oxide
  • Measurements: Approximately 3in H x 2 1/8in diameter; holds 5.5oz
  • Organic wildflower honey blended with soft pink edible sparkles for a truly enchanting and delightful concoction!
  • 5.5oz small batch organic honey
  • Crystallization may occur with any natural honey; place closed jar in warm water to reliquefy
  • Do not feed any kind of honey to infants under one year
  • Delicious and visually captivating!

From Enchanted Hive:
"Yes, food-grade mica is safe for human consumption. While many minerals, such as potassium, are essential to helping our bodies function, mica is biologically inert, meaning the properties that comprise mica are not absorbed into the human body during digestion. Instead, mica simply passes through, neither causing harm nor providing nourishment to the human body.

To further ensure the integrity of our ingredients, The Enchanted Hive has vetted all suppliers to ensure we source mica that is produced in a manner consistent with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices and compliant with all applicable FDA regulations."

The Enchanted Hive
Portland, OR

Photos by The Enchanted Hive

TEH102 $17 - Rosé Pink Sparkle Honey

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