Home Decor - The Prism Hanging Himmeli by Hemleva


Himmeli are a traditional Finnish ornament which is usually made of straw or reeds and hung above the dinner table as a charm to improve the rye crop. Hemleva offers a modern minimalist twist on these gorgeous traditional pieces by reimagining them in brass, perfectly sized to hold an air plant or just as a lovely geometric ornament. The Prism has a triangular prism shape, with three tall faces around a triangular base.

A lovely Tillandsia air plant matches perfectly with the Himmeli and may be purchased separately.

Hemleva creator Samantha Leung has been an artist and maker all her life, doing everything from crochet to oil painting to hand-pouring candles. She created Hemleva in 2013 with the goal of bringing greenery into the home and into our daily lives with plant-themed pins and keychains as well as home décor designed around plants.

Materials: Brass, wire, leather cord

Measurements: 6in x 4in (approx.)

Seattle, WA

Images courtesy of Hemleva.

HSM102 $22 - The Prism Himmeli by Hemleva
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