Enamel Pin - Pilea Peperomioides Friendship Plant (set of 2) by Hemleva


The Pilea peperomioides is also known as the Chinese Money Plant, Pancake, or UFO Plant or The Friendship Plant.

Native to China, it is believed that a Norwegian missionary took cuttings with him when he returned home in the 1940s. And the way that this plant spread in popularity was through the sharing of its pups (babies). This is also why this plant is also known as the Friendship Plant.

Inspired by that history, this set has two individual pins, one slightly larger than the other, both on one card. Keep them both or share one with a friend.
  • Large pin is 3/4 in diameter, Small pin if 5/8 in diameter
  • Gorgeous Hard Enamel Cloisonnรฉ
  • High Polished 10K Plated Gold Base
  • Comes with two secure Flat Head Tie Tack Backings
  • Includes a fully illustrated card display
  • Illustrated and designed by Samantha Leung

Seattle, WA

Images by The Handmade Showroom

HSM322 $24 - Pilea Peperomioides Enamel Pin Set of 2
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