Dryer Balls - 3 pack - Organic Bamboo (Natural) by Dragonfly Dryer Balls


We just love these VEGAN bamboo dryer balls! These handmade dryer balls are made with organic bamboo. Bamboo dryer balls reduce static, soften your laundry, and reduce drying time. They are a great alternative to both traditional dryer sheets and wool dryer balls. 

Included in this 3 pack are THREE (3) natural organic bamboo dryer balls


  • Materials: Organic Bamboo fiber.
  • Naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic
  • Measures about 2.75 inches diameter
  • Not dyed, bamboo dryer balls are safe for whites, darks or delicates - all laundry types!
  • Reduces dryer time by absorbing moisture from clothing
  • Replaces dryer sheets as a natural and vegan alternative
  • Lasts for 1000 loads!
  • Add essential oils to the dryer ball to add scent to your laundry (optional)

Dragonfly Dryer Balls
Wilsonvile, Oregon

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

DFBN201 $42 - Natural Organic Bamboo Dryer Balls Set of 3


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