Dog Toy - BeastBone (Assorted Colors) by Modernbeast


Give a dog a bone! BeastBones are made of 100% wool with nylon bias reinforcement and polyester fiberfill. Boasting 4 squeakers, the bone will keep your furry friend amused for a long time. 

Spot clean and air dry. Use a lint roller to remove hair. 

Size: 5 in x 8 1/2 in

Made in Venice, CA

MB301 $40 - Charcoal and Light Grey BeastBone Dog Toy
MB302 $40 - Light Grey and Blue BeastBone Dog Toy
MB303 $40 - Charcoal and Yellow BeastBone Dog Toy
MB304 $40 - Light Grey and Orange BeastBone Dog Toy

Images courtesy of Modernbeast
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