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Card - Love & Friends - Dream Quote Dr. Seuss by Ilee Papergoods


Cover shows a nighttime scene in a dreamlike thought bubble with scalloped edges and three small dots in the bottom right. The scene consists of a navy blue night sky speckled with stars around a bright yellow crescent moon. Four fluffy white sheep leap across the center of the image in a gently curved line. Above the sheep are the words “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep”, with “because reality is finally better than your dreams” continuing below the scene. The quote is attributed to “Dr. Seuss” in smaller lettering underneath. The inside is blank.

These cards are made of high quality 100% cotton coverstock and printed by hand using a 1902 Chandler & Price letterpress. Listing includes one card and coordinating envelope.
  • Materials: 100lb cotton coverstock, ink
  • Folded A2 size card measures 5 1/2in H x 4 1/4in W
Ilee Papergoods
Seattle, WA

Images by The Handmade Showroom.

ILA290 $5.50 - Dream Quote Dr. Seuss Card by Ilee Papergoods
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