Bundle - Gray Cloud Plant Waterer with Choice of Charm by The Cloud Makers


Want a raincloud with a little extra flair? This is the listing for you! Get the stormy gray dripping raincloud plant waterer along with one decorative charm that clips on to either the top of the cloud or onto the post, depending on the style.

Please note this listing is for a raincloud with a single charm. To get additional charms, please see the full artist page here.


  • Ingredients: 3D printed plastic, acrylic support rods
  • Measurements: Approximately 2in H x 5in W x 3 1/2in D with 10in support rods; holds approximately 4oz water
  • Super cute 3D printed plastic cloud that slowly drips water onto your plants like a gentle rain
  • Comes with a golden yellow lightning bolt charm
  • Releases 4oz of water over the span of 5-10 minutes
  • Adds joy and beauty to your watering routine
  • An excellent gift for plant lovers!

The Cloud Makers
Woodstock, GA

Images by The Handmade Showroom and courtesy of The Cloud Makers

TCM102PH $38 - Pink Heart Charm Grey Cloud Plant Waterer Bundle
TCM102GL $38 - Gold Lightning Charm Grey Cloud Plant Waterer Bundle
TCM102AM $38 - Amber Moon Charm Grey Cloud Plant Waterer Bundle
TCM102YS $38 - Sun Charm Grey Cloud Plant Waterer Bundle
TCM102PR $38 - Primary Rainbow Charm Grey Cloud Plant Waterer Bundle
TCM102RH $38 - Red Heart Charm Grey Cloud Plant Waterer Bundle

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