Bowl Holder- Red Stained Glass Microwave Bowl Holder by Shawn Sargent Designs


This red pattern is designed to be reminiscent of geometric stained glass windows and makes this the perfect compliment to your kitchen!

This Microwave Bowl Holder creates a safe and easy way to heat and serve hot dishes. The microwave safe material allows you to remove items from the microwave without fear of burning your fingers or hands.

  • Original fabric patterns by Shawn Sargent Designs
  • Made with 100% premium, eco-friendly, custom-printed cotton and natural cotton batting.
  • One size fits most bowls and dishes*
  • Reversible; Curved design holds its shape even after washing
  • Machine wash and dry using cool/warm settings, or spot wash and air dry. Do not wash in dishwasher.
 *Always use a bowl or dish between food and cotton Microwave Bowl Holder in microwave

Glen Ellyn, IL
Shawn Sargent Designs

Photos by Shawn Sargent Designs

SHA103 $25 - Red Stained Glass Microwave Bowl Holder
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