Art Block - Starlight by MKC Photography


A pink house with a heavy gray roof sits in the front lower right corner of the scene. The house is on a grassy foreground and is landscaped with several topiary trees around the front door and to the right, and a bare-branched tree in front of a window on the left. Fluffy white clouds rise from the horizon halfway up the sky. As the sky gets higher, it gets darker and has a few stars. The house has two chimneys and bright stars float out of the one on the right, up into the sky. 

Made from reclaimed wood and vintage book pages, this photograph art block makes a charming addition to any wall, shelf, mantel or nook. 

A combination of original photos, artwork, graphics, and collage, each block is a unique work of art. The block edges and backside are covered with vintage book pages, and the block is sealed with multiple layers of non-toxic matte varnish and signed on the reverse. It has a keyhole opening in the back for ease of hanging.

Measures 5in x 5in x 1/2in
Block sides and back may vary from photos

MKC Photography
Philadelphia, PA

Product photos by Marlo M.

MKC108 $40 - Starlight Art Block - 5x5

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