We're Moving...Again! December 2018
From our beginnings as a small pop-up shop in 2015, The Handmade Showroom as always been fortunate to occupy space in Pacific Place on temporary tenancy contracts. Every year since then, we haven't had any issue with renewing...until now.


Unfortunately, we were notified on Monday, Dec. 10th that the renovation construction work that is happening in building to create a new grand entrance on 7th and Olive is going to greatly affect the 1st floor space we just moved into 5 months ago. 


As a result, our current contract that ends at the end of December 2018 will NOT be renewed. That means we need to find a new home - and FAST!


While management has assured us that they do not have plans to  "kick us out" on January 1st, unless they are able find another space in the building that we can move into, we will be leaving Pacific Place sometime in January.


[UPDATE! We have spoken with management and they assured us that they would love to figure out a way for us to stay so we are working out our options with them. In the meantime, we have been given an extension on our contract through January 31st that will afford us a little more time to figure things out! Phew!]


While this news is very disappointing, we are forging ahead with our most hopeful attitude and trusting that something will come our way soon that is just the right fit for the future of The Handmade Showroom!


We are currently working with a commercial real estate broker to help us find our next location. Ideally, that space will be somewhere in the 2000sf to 4000sf range to allow us to continue representing the 100+ artists we currently work with. 


If you have any leads on a space that would be the a great place for The Handmade Showroom to thrive, please let us know via reply to this newsletter or email us at info@thehandmadeshowroom.com 


Asking for your support this holiday!

Here's the thing - we do NOT plan on running any sort of fundraising campaign for our move.

Instead, we are relying on the revenue generated this holiday season to help us fund our next big adventure!

If you'd like to see The Handmade Showroom continue on, we would very much appreciate it if you would share the news with your friends and take the time to come downtown and shop with us throughout the holiday season and through the end of December!


Holiday hours
Monday - Saturday 9am to 9pm 
Sunday 10am to 8pm
Back to regular hours on Dec. 27th
Monday - Saturday 10am to 8pm 
Sunday 11am to 7pm


FAQ: I don't live in Seattle - do you have an online store?

We are currently working on launching an online catalog of select items for purchase on our website soon, but if there is anything you'd like us to ship to you in the meantime, we can easily share photos / info, send an invoice to pay securely online, and then ship your item(s) to you!


Please contact us at hello@thehandmadeshowroom.com or call us during business hours at 206-623-0504 and our lovely helpers will be happy to help!

Follow us on social!

We will be posting updates on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages as well as posting a few things on our blog and sending newsletter updates. If you'd like to keep up with the latest news, please follow us and share!



A personal note from Marlo M. and Paul

This may sound surprising, but being a small business that showcases the talent of independent artists in in the middle of so many luxury chain stores has been a dream come true! 


Overall, our time here at Pacific Place has been a wonderful learning experience and we wish the management here the very best as they move forward with their big renovation of the building. Who knows...maybe we'll be back sometime in the future? One never knows where the wind will take you.


While it is true that news of this move is coming at a difficult time, we believe that something great is just around the corner and we hope you'll stick with us as we go about finding it!
Until the next update, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support of our artists and the work we do here at The Handmade Showroom! 


Yours truly,
Marlo Miyashiro
Co-owner and Managing Driector


Paul Delon
Co-owner and Financial Director
The Handmade Showroom
Marlo and Paul Co-owners of The Handmade Showroom
December 15, 2018 — Marlo Miyashiro
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