Pet Toy - 5in - Tiny Snuffle Ball (Assorted Colors) by Superb Snuffles


Get your pet's excess energy out with this great feeding tool. These snuffle balls activate the foraging and digging instincts of our fluffy friends and can tire out even the most energetic of pets! 

The Tiny Snuffle Mat is recomended for small pets like cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, bunnies, and more.

  • Dimensions: 5in diameter
  • Materials: Anti-pill fleece 
  • Care instructions: Machine wash with other items (like towels or blankets) with an unscented detergent and tumble dry on low until dry
Note: Snuffle Balls are one of a kind and made with varied multicolor anti-pill fleece fabric.
Variant photos show each colorway, but the piece you receive may have slight variations from the photos.

Clayton, NC
Superb Snuffles

SS401PA $25 - Pastel 5in Tiny Snuffle Ball 
SS401RA $25 - Rainbow 5in Tiny Snuffle Ball
SS401CH $25 - Cheetah 5in Tiny Snuffle Ball
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