Stylish, eco-conscious, and economical Swedish dish cloths
Swedish Dishcloths have been popular in Europe since the 1950's, and now they're all the rage across America. Find out what they are and why you need some today.

What they are
Rectangular, flat, fiber cloths made of plant-based cellulose and cotton that can be used instead of paper towels. According to National Geographic, each one replaces up to 17 paper towel rolls! Bonus: they can also be composted at the end of their useable life.
Why use them
People are using a LOT of paper towels. And why not? They are convenient for cleaning. But all those single use towels are heading to a landfill and cost a lot of money over time. Did you know that Americans spend $5.7 billion per year on paper towels?


Shown above:

Swedish Dish Cloth - Strawberries by Little Green


If you want something that is not only compostable but stylish, reusable, and a money saver— Swedish dishcloths are the clear answer. And they dry quicker than a sponge or regular dishcloth.


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Swedish Dish Cloth - Pink Cosmos by Little Green


How to use them
You wet them and squeeze out the moisture, then use like a sponge or damp paper towel. They can also be used in their dry state to clean up a wet spill. They are safe to use on any surface you'd normally use a paper towel, and then clean them when they get soiled (up to ~50 washes per cloth!)


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Swedish Dish Cloth - Hops by Little Green


What they are good for/not good for
Great to clean up spills or wipe down surfaces. Basically anything that you don't mind rinsing off in your sink.

Not good when cleaning things you want to immediately discard, like pet waste.


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Swedish Dish Cloth - Mushrooms by Little Green


How to clean them
Toss them in the dishwasher, washing machine (on hot), or even by wetting down and popping in the microwave for a couple minutes. Make sure to let cool before handling and squeezing out excess water. Lay flat to dry.

Shown above:

Swedish Dish Cloth - Blueberry by Little Green

The bottom line
Economical, stylish, and compostable, the Swedish towel is a clear winner for the home. They dry faster than sponges or regular cloths, they're reusable, they save you money, and you can feel good about your impact on the landfill. Win!

If you're ready to make the switch, try our Swedish cloths today.
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