Wristlet - Medium - Graphic and Abstract (Assorted Designs) Wallet by Laarni and Tita


Wristlet wallets with graphic or abstract designs. Choose your favorite.

There's a divider inside to keep things separated. Use the key clip for keys or clip it to a belt loop. Sturdy black nylon strap for your wrist.

It measures 7 1/2in X 4 1/2in. The strap extends to 5 1/2 inches.

Laarni & Tita
Seattle, WA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

LT501G1 $25 - Red Triangles on Silver Grey Medium Wristlet
LT501G2 $25 - Red Pink Orange Groovy Stripe Medium Wristlet
LT501G3 $25 - White Dots on Pink Medium Wristlet
LT501G4 $25 - Silver White Triangles and Dots on Linen Medium Wristlet
LT501G5 $25 - Cameras on Dusty Pink Medium Wristlet
LT501G6A $25 - Glasses on Linen Medium Wristlet A
LT501G6B $25 - Glasses on Linen Medium Wristlet B
LT501G6C $25 - Glasses on Linen Medium Wristlet C

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