Stickers - Riverscape Infinity by Hydrascape Stickers


Highlighting beautiful Alpine biomes, this Infinity Sticker shows the dynamic forms that rivers carve through the landscape. Includes bonus Chinook and King Salmon stickers.

Hydrascape stickers are an innovative design created by Bellingham, WA artist and muralist, Gretchen Leggitt. 

Stick to a water bottle, mug, laptop cover, car window, skis, or cooler in a straight line or in cut layers. These stickers go just about anywhere your imagination takes you!

To apply, peel 2 to 3 inches off backing from the "peel this end first" end. Wrap the waterproof vinyl sticker around your water bottle, overlapping the end over the starting point to create a gorgeous layered image all the way around. Add heat with a hair dryer or heat gun while applying pressure to enhance the adhesive strength.

  • Infinity full-size Hydrascape Sticker measures 3.25in H x 25in L
  • High quality waterproof vinyl
  • Dishwasher safe and UV resistant
  • Made in the USA
Hydrascape Stickers
Bellingham, WA

Photos by Hydrascape Stickers edited by The Handmade Showroom

HS106 $18 - Riverscape Sticker - Infinity
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