Sauce - 8 oz - Red Chili Lime by Marshall's Haute Sauce


Inspired by sweet chili sauce popular in Thai cuisine, Marshall's Haute Sauce's Red Chili Lime hot sauce incorporates the heat of red jalapeños from Sunrise Organics into the fruity sweetness of ripe tomatoes from Eloisa Organic Farm.

A finish of honey from Portland-area hives riffs on that hint of sweet, while a spritz of fresh lime brings it all into harmony. The heat comes upfront followed by sweetness. 

With bold flavors and smooth texture, it’s ideal for dipping or pouring liberally on everything from avocado toast to bento bowls, or try it with one of these Marshall's Haute Sauce recipes.

  • Full-size 8 ounce jar
  • Cooked in small batches in Portland, OR
  • Refrigerate before opening
  • Shake before using

Marshall's Haute Sauce
Portland, OR

Images courtesy Marshall's Haute Sauce

MH102 $16.50 - Red Chili Lime Sauce

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