Regular The Cat Ball - Black and White Hashmark Grid (Black dotted on Black lining) by The Cat Ball


A new black and white Cat Ball® option for you! We've used a black-on-black print for the lining, which will help to disguise fur shedded by black and dark tabby cats. 


  • 100% cotton fabrics
  • High-density foam
  • Fully collapsible and flexible design with no wires or framing
  • Completely machine washable (really!)
  • Made in the USA
  • Measures approximately 17in diameter x 16in H
  • Two openings: front is 10 inches, back is 6 inches.
  • Fits cats (or dogs!) up to 18 and 19 pounds.
Recommended washing instructions:
Turn inside out if desired and machine wash in cold water.
Air-fluff dry (no heat, please!) until slightly damp, turn right side out, and sit out to dry the rest of the way.

The Cat Ball® 
Your cat will figure it out®
Bellevue, WA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

TCB1045 $70 - Black and White Hashmark Grid Regular The Cat Ball
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