Magnet Set - Seattle Gum Wall (Assorted Colors) by Bishopart


Take home your very own pieces of Seattle's iconic Gum Wall - complete with happy smiles!
Never fear - these are not made of actual gum.
  • Materials: polymer clay, neodymium magnet
  • Approximate measurements: 1in diameter
  • Choose your favorite color combination from the variation list
  • Due to the handmade nature of these items, colors and shapes may vary slightly
  • Bubblegum (MediumĀ Pink)
  • Cherry (Muted Red)
  • Cotton Candy (Light Pink)
  • Grape (Dark Purple)
  • Lavender (Light Purple)
  • Mint (Light Green)
  • Orange (um...Orange :)
  • Raspberry (Neon Pink)

Atlanta, GA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

BA103A $18 -Ā Seattle Gum Wall Magnet Set A (Grape, Bubblegum, Orange)
BA103B $18 -Ā Seattle Gum Wall Magnet Set B (Orange, Bubblegum, Mint)
BA103C $18 -Ā Seattle Gum Wall Magnet Set C (Lavender, Cotton Candy, Lemon)
BA103D $18 -Ā Seattle Gum Wall Magnet Set D (Grape, Cotton Candy, Lemon)
BA103E $18 -Ā Seattle Gum Wall Magnet Set E (Orange, Cherry, Mint)
BA103FĀ $18Ā -Ā Seattle Gum Wall Magnet Set F (Raspberry, Grape, Orange)
BA103GĀ $18Ā -Ā Seattle Gum Wall Magnet Set G (Lavender, Cherry, Cotton Candy)
BA103HĀ $18Ā -Ā Seattle Gum Wall Magnet Set H (Cotton Candy, Orange, Mint)
BA103IĀ $18Ā -Ā Seattle Gum Wall Magnet Set I (Orange, Cotton Candy, Grape)
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