Cat Toy - Jumbo Kick-its Catnip Kicker (Assorted) by For Mew


Your favorite feline is in for some fun with Jumbo Kick-Its!
Filled with squishy recycled paper bits an organic catnip & silvervine* blend, this fun cat toy is big enough for kitty to grab with their forepaws and kick like crazy with their back paws! 

Each toy measures about 15in L x 4 1/4in W (8 1/2 around)

Let us choose one for your kitty or if you have a perferred color let us know and we'll try to match it as best we're able (We can also send you a photo of the styles we have in stock - just contact us!)

For Mew
Reno, NV

*Silvervine is a wonderful catnip alternative that has 2 separate cat attractors as opposed to catnip's one. If your kitty doesn't respond or is just plain bored of regular catnip, this blend might be just the thing to bring some fun into their life!

FM200 $20 - Kick Its Jumbo Cat Toy
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