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Acrylic Clock - Basketball Pendulum by Popclox


This basketball acrylic pendulum clock is the perfect way to show your love of the game. Place it in your game room, your office, or yes, even in the kid's room. Features a silent clock mechanism with black hands and numbers, a rectangle orange and white backdrop with integrated lasercut netting under the hoop, and a perfectly-sized basketball in vibrant orange and black swinging beneath the net.
  • Measures approximately 10.3 in W x 13 in H x 1.4 in D
  • Silent quartz pendulum movement
  • 1/8 inch thick laser cut acrylic with velvet matte finish
  • Easy-hang wall bracket
  • Requires one AA battery (included)

Hopedale, MA

Photos courtesy Popclox

MMS246 $65 - Basketball Pendulum Clock - Acrylic
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