Regular - Ice Cream Cone by Snooter-doots


Take home your new friend created by Mama Snooter of Snooter-doots!
  • Chuck the Chocolate Ice Cream Cone likes to go to barbeques
  • Van the Vanilla Ice Cream Cone likes to sit by the pool
  • Pinky the Strawberry Ice Cream Cone likes to listen to 50's music
  • Mindy the Mint Ice Cream Cone likes to go to the beach
Measures approximately 12in long and 5.5in wide.

Hand-knit to about 3x its finished size, Mama puts the 100% wool form into a hot soapy washer to shrink and "felt" the knit fabric down to just the right size then stuffs it firmly with new fiberfill. Final details and signature 'Doot eyes are added by needle felting and a Snooter-doot is born!

Photos show the exact item you will receive.

Ocean Shores, WA

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

SD112A $70 - Regular Chuck Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
SD112B $70 - Regular Van Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
SD112C $70 - Regular Pinky Strawberry Ice Cream Cone
SD112D $70 - Regular Mindy Mint Ice Cream Cone
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