Pin - On the Ball Convertible Pin/Pendant by Chickenscratch


This cool cat is really on the ball - of yarn that is!


  • Materials: Stainless steel, brass, copper, enamel, monofilament
  • Measurements: Approximately 2 1/2in H x 1 1/2W x 0.5in D
  • A mischievous black cat with tiny copper nose, enamel painted eyes, monofilament whiskers, and swinging tail clings to a seemingly enormous ball of red yarn made in brass with enamel painted accents
  • Black cat has contrasting eyes, nose, and whiskers
  • Hand-textured brass yarn ball with red enamel โ€œyarnโ€
  • Monofilament whiskers
  • Painted enamel eye
  • Kinetic swinging tail
  • Handmade sharpened pin stem
  • Pendant loop allows pin to be used as a necklace pendant


Brunswick, ME


Images by The Handmade Showroom


CHP103 $178 - On the Ball Convertible Pin Pendant
CHP103B $202 - Bundle: On the Ball Convertible Pin Pendant with 20in Chain

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