Glow in the Dark Art Prints - 18x24 - Welcome, Wanderer by Arsenal Handicraft


A lantern carrying adventurer is welcomed by a forest spirit. They sit on a log over a pond, surrounded by lush trees and plants. In the darkness, more forest creatures gather around. The glow-in-the-dark layer reveals eyes shining in the woods, and fish in the water below.


  • 4 color screen print pulled by hand 
  • Light blue, transparent blue, dark blue, and blue glow-in-the-dark inks
  • French Blue Raspberry paper made locally at a hydropowered mill
  • Measures 18x24" (standard frame size) 
  • Second edition of 175 signed and numbered by the artists  
Arsenal Handicraft
Detroit, MI

Photos by Arsenal Handicraft

AH103 $68 - Welcome, Wanderer Glow in the Dark Print 18x24
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