Card - Love & Friends - Radiant Good Looks by Ilee Papergoods


Cover features the words “Your kindness is only exceeded by your radiant good looks” printed in the center of a circular gold design. The design is printed in shiny gold with navy blue accents and consists of a dotted ring surrounded by a ring of outward-pointing triangles with thin gold lines radiating out toward the edge of the card. The inside is blank.

These cards are made of high quality 100% cotton coverstock and printed by hand using a 1902 Chandler & Price letterpress. Listing includes one card and coordinating envelope.
  • Materials: 100lb cotton coverstock, ink
  • Folded A2 size card measures 5 1/2in H x 4 1/4in W
Ilee Papergoods
Seattle, WA

Images by The Handmade Showroom

ILA280 $5.50 - Radiant Good Looks Card by Ilee Papergoods
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