Card - Love & Friends - Garden Gnome by Ilee Papergoods


Front features a cute little garden gnome pushing a wheelbarrow through a lush garden. The gnome has light skin and a white beard and mustache, and is wearing a light blue soft conical hat with a white pompom, a light blue shirt and pants, a red apron, stripey white socks, and brown shoes. The wheelbarrow is red and is holding a variety of garden tools and plant pots. The garden in the background is printed in shades of green with pink and white flowers. Above the scene, the words “You make the world a better place” are printed. The inside is blank.

These cards are made of high quality 100% cotton coverstock and printed by hand using a 1902 Chandler & Price letterpress. Listing includes one card and coordinating envelope.
  • Materials: 100lb cotton coverstock, ink
  • Folded A2 size card measures 5 1/2in H x 4 1/4in W
Ilee Papergoods
Seattle, WA

Images by The Handmade Showroom

ILA276 $5.50 - Garden Gnome Card by Ilee Papergoods
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