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Blocks - Classic ABC with Canvas Bag (Set of 28) by Uncle Goose


Uncle Goose printed their logo on a rugged, eco-friendly canvas bag with a Velcro closure to carry a set of their classic ABC blocks.  

Love these blocks. Teach children to spell, sequence, and stack; sort, build, and match. Four full alphabets, colorful numbers, math symbols, plus a menagerie of hand-crafted animals. Detailed embossing on two sides of each block.

These blocks have a simple origin story -- with a surprising twist. In 1983, William Bultman felt shocked and dismayed when he learned no one in the USA seemed to be making wood blocks for children anymore. He began hand-manufacturing classic wood alphabet blocks in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He called his company "Uncle Goose". Today, Bultman's son Pete runs the company his father started.

Uncle Goose Classic ABC blocks are still hand-manufactured in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And to this day, these blocks are the only Classic ABC blocks that are still 100% hand-made in the USA.


  • Materials: Basswood, ink
  • Measurements: Package is approximately 12 1/4in H x 7in W x 1 3/4in D; each cube measures 1.75in square
  • Contains 28 beautifully embossed and inked blocks
  • Blocks feature a full alphabet (4 instances of each letter), numbers, math symbols, and a menagerie of animals
  • Top and bottom of each block are embossed with intricate texture; remaining sides are printed with colorful inks
  • Engages tactile learning
  • Made using sustainable Midwestern basswood
  • Printed with safe-to-touch inks

Uncle Goose
Grand Rapids, MI

Photos by Uncle Goose and The Handmade Showroom

UG202 $55 - Classic ABC with Canvas Bag - Set of 28 Blocks

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