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Art Print - Dream Big 11x14 by Red Umbrella


A cartoon child fishes off the end of a dock under a giant moon in the night sky. The child is wearing a red and white striped shirt and a red and orange hat. The craters and seas of the moon can be seen, and there is a large banner wrapping around the moon which reads “DREAM BIG” in block letters and “start small” in a script font.

Whenever possible, Red Umbrella Design's products are sourced and printed locally in the Pacific Northwest, using recycled content (all our paper products are printed on 100% recycled content), environmentally friendly processes and small family owned businesses.

Materials: 100% recycled paper, environmentally friendly ink

Measurements: 11in x 14in

Red Umbrella Designs
Twisp, WA

Images courtesy Red Umbrella.

RU101 $28 - 11x14 Dream Big Art Print
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