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Join us Thursday December 17, 2020 - 6:15pm PST for our last episode of the year!

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Header image: Shown from left: Rooster in a Chicken Mug by Chavah's Garden & Bread and Badger, Future Builder & Robot Blocks by Punching Pandas & Red Umbrella, Pinecone Mug & Organic Coasters by Red Umbrella and Five Ply Design, Plant Friends Gift Set by Everyday Balloons, Hemleva, and Seattle Sundries.

Shop the Showroom with Marlo M.
Thursday, December 17, 2020 - Link List 

Here are the direct links to all of the items featured in Episode #6
Items in stock subject to change without notice. Click the link to check availability.
   Artist Featured Item (hyperlink to item page on THS) Item No Price In Stock
1 Red Umbrella & Punching Pandas Future Builder featuring Red Umbrella and Punching Pandas BUN114 $56.00 2
2 Red Umbrella & 1Canoe2 2021 on the Horizon featuring Red Umbrella and 1Canoe2 BUN118 $56.00 2
3 Red Umbrella & Design by SML Ode to the Mountain featuring Red Umbrella and Design by SML BUN120 $73.00 2
4 Mr. Sogs & Tree by Kerri Lee Deer Night Buddies featuring Mr. Sogs and Tree by Kerri Lee BUN140 $66.00 3
5 Factory 43 & Ilee Papergoods Holi-deer Notes featuring Factory 43 and Ilee Papergoods BUN141 $39.00 1
6 Mr. Sogs & Catshy Crafts Kuddly Koalas featuring Mr Sogs and Catshy Crafts BUN142 $103.00 1
7 XV Studios Look a Chicken Jewelry featuring XV Studios BUN143 $74.00 1
8 Backerton & Hemlock Color Spectrum Accessories featuring Backerton and Hemlock BUN149 $60.00 1
9 Red Umbrella & Mr. Sogs You Are My Sunshine featuring Red Umbrella and Mr Sogs BUN153 $63.00 1
10 Chavah's Garden & Catshy Crafts Cacti Lover featuring Chavah's Garden and Catshy Crafts BUN155 $78.00 1
11 Chavah's Garden & Bread and Badger Rooster in Chicken Mug featuring Chavah's Garden - Bread and Badger BUN156 $50.00 3
12 Chavah's Garden & Bread and Badger Whale in Mug featuring Chavah's Garden - Bread and Badger BUN157 $50.00 2
13 Make Waves & Whiskey, Ink, and Lace Pirate at Sea featuring Make Waves and Whiskey Ink Lace BUN164 $60.50 2
14 ModernBeast & Seattle Sundries Go Fetch You Dirty Dog featuring Modern Beast and Seattle Sundries BUN168 $39.50 2
15 Everyday Print Shop, Seattle Sundries, and Hemleva Plant Friends featuring Everyday Print Shop, Seattle Sundries, and Hemleva BUN169 $53.50 4
December 15, 2020 — The Handmade Showroom
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