Cat Toy - Crisps Catnip Kicker Assorted Designs by For Mew


Crisps are colorful catnip toys with a crispy crunchy surprise inside that gives the toy that cellophane wrapper sound and feel that cats love so much. 

Small enough for your kitty to toss and carry about, Crisps are filled with a mix of organic catnip and silvervine along with an eco-friendly crinkly material for added texture and sound.

Each catnip crisp measures approximately 1.5in W x 6in L.

The artist uses adorable cat-themed fabric on one side and coordinating fabric on the other.
We receive a wide variety with every order so most end up being one of a kind.

Let us choose one for your kitty or if you see a fabric you like in the photos, you are welcome to let us know your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fabric choices and if we still have any of them in stock, we'll send it to you! (We can also send you a photo of the styles we have in stock - just contact us!)

For Mew
Reno, NV

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

FM300 $10.50 - Crisps Catnip Kicker Assorted
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