Featured Artist: Two Birds Eco Shop by Autumn Swindahl
Featured image above: Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Perfume Roller and Pouch by Two Birds Eco Shop
New perfume rollers and neck pillows by Two Birds Eco Shop are just divine! They're packaged in an adorable drawstring bag, and the neck pillows come with the option of organic dried lavender or scent-free.
 Above: Eye Pillow (Into the Woods) by Two Birds Eco Shop
And don't forget, pretty peepers like yours deserve some extra care with a 100% cotton, rice-filled therapeutic pillow! They're available in the loveliest fabrics, and the pillowcase can be removed for washing.
Above: Neck Wrap (Navy Blue) Weighted Neck Pillow (Lavender or Scent Free) by Two Birds Eco Shop
Microwave for 30-45 seconds and place on whatever body part needs attention, or freeze for 1-2 hours for cold therapy. *sigh* Just divine!
Above: Eye Pillow (Mushroom) by Two Birds Eco Shop
🛀In stressful times, it's important to do what you can to emotionally refuel and practice self-care, even if that means a quick meditation in a quiet corner, an hour-long soak, or a 10-minute lie down while you rest your eyes. Resetting your brain for a moment can do wonders.
Above: Coasters - Macrame Coasters by Two Birds Eco Shop
Take a peek on our site or browse the self-care options in our 3rd floor Pacific Place Seattle shop.
And be sure to check out their lovely macrame coasters, to protect your surfaces and keep your home looking oh-so-cute!💖
Above: Eye Pillow (Papillions Cottage Creatures) by Two Birds Eco Shop
March 28, 2023 — THS Admin
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