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Woolly Yeti - Lavender Green Face Orange Eyes by Careful It Bites


This lavender woolly monster has a green face and orange eyes.

It stands 13" tall and is 11" wide and is handmade in Seattle, WA by Careful It Bites.

The eyes are plastic and called Safety Eyes. Safety eyes are made to be extremely hard to remove, but like any other toys with small parts, please use your judgment when purchasing this for a child under 3 years of age.

Washing instructions: these minky creatures can be carefully cleaned in a washing machine. For best results, tie it in a pillowcase (so its eyes don't get scuffed banging into sides of machine) and wash on cold/delicate. Air dry--using the dryer takes the cute curls out of the fabric.

Careful It Bites
Port Orchard, WA

CIBWY07 $48 - Lavender Orange Eyed Woolly Yeti
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