Bracelet - Sm-Med - Retro Yellow Leather Triple Wrap Tape Measure (Black or Silver) by Sandpoint Laser Works


This retro yellow tape measure wrap bracelet is made from hand-dyed, vegetable tanned leather.
Measurements on the bracelet are accurate in both inches and centimeters (we've checked!)

  • Size Small/Medium fits an 7 inch wrist
  • Bracelet wraps 3 times around wrist a total length of approximately 22.5in
  • Adjustable Black or Silver buckle closure

Sandpoint Laser Works
Sandpoint, ID

Photos by The Handmade Showroom

SXB401B $55 - Black Buckle - Sm Med Retro Yellow Leather Tape Measure Wrap Bracelet
SXB401S $55 - Silver Buckle - Sm Med Retro Yellow Leather Tape Measure Wrap Bracelet

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