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Shaving Set - Smooth Shave Silvertip Badger Travel Shaving Set by Seattle Sundries


There was a time when shaving was as much a ritual and relaxation routine as it was a daily necessity. This all vegetable shaving bar was formulated to be especially smooth and gentle to the skin, with a mild, moisturizing lather. Shea butter helps make it rich and creamy and petitgrain and coriander essential oils give it a complex fresh scent. 

This "wet" shaving set includes:

  • 100% silvertip badger hair shaving brush with a smooth black resin handle (95mm x 35mm/3.75" x 1.37")

  • Black acrylic brush stand which allows the brush to air-dry with bristles draining down, which discourages bacteria growth and increases the longevity of the brush (65mm x 50mm x 50mm/2.55" x 1.96" x 1.96")

  • Stainless steel lather bowl with lid and rounded shape which fits comfortably in your hand to keep the lather warm, yet leaves enough room for building abundant foam (85mm x 45mm/3.34" x 1.77")

  • Light-weight EVA travel case with zipper, cushioned divider, and an elastic loop to hold your razor (not included) in place (120mm x 170mm x 70mm/4.7" x 6.69" x 2.75")

Soap Ingredients: Coconut oil, organic RSPO certified palm oil, castor oil, shea butter, bentonite clay, green tea vitamin E oil, lime essential oil petitgrain essential oil

Seattle Sundries
Seattle, WA

Photos by Seattle Sundries

SE103 $90 - Smooth Shave Shave Set
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