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Sculpture - Sloth in a Ladybug Costume by Curious Burrow


Lady really likes to wear her ladybug outfit, not really for any purpose other than she loves ladybugs, and finds it amusing to introduce herself as Lady Ladybug. It’s fun to say. Try it! She mostly wears it on the weekends and occasionally to hot yoga. This whimsical one-of-a-kind sloth is sculpted from resin clay and painted by hand.

Curious Burrow is the work of Seattle-based independent artist Teresa Chadwick. She makes every piece by hand from sculpting to painting to sealing. She has a special fondness for animals wearing onesies!

Materials: resin clay, paint,

Measurements: 2.5in x 2.5in (approx.)

Curious Burrow
Renton, WA

Images by Marlo M.

CU324 $90 - Sloth in a Ladybug Costume Sculpture by Curious Burrow

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